Welcome To Valley Brook Community Church

Hello!  We are Valley Brook Community Church, a non-denominational fellowship in Columbia, Maryland (Howard County) with an emphasis on a genuine connection with God through Jesus Christ.  We appreciate you taking the time to check us out. 

When our web team discussed the concept of our website, we had a very clear goal: We wanted the contents to so accurately describe and depict our ministry that when visitors actually drop by on a Sunday it will feel familiar to them.  No bait and switch, just a clear presentation of who we are and the ministry God has given us to share.  Take a few moments to read one of the articles, or listen to a portion of a Sunday message.  Use our survey to tell us what kind of church appeals to you, and view some of our other pages. We think you will discover Valley Brook is a real place for real people.

At the heart of our ministry is a prayer that every person who walks through our doors will feel the embrace of the living Jesus Christ and the love of His people.  From the first “hello” to the last “nice meeting you” and everything else in between, we hope you will agree with our slogan: The Experience is Real!

Pastor Dan


Service Times

  • Adult Sunday School 9:45am
  • Worship Service Sundays 11am
  • Bible Study Thursday 7:00pm
    At the Fellowship Center